Sunday, January 11, 2009

Green Sprouts

Introducing a fellow Fellow's new blog
My fellow Fellow, Deacon Betsy Blake Bennett, launched her new blog Green Spouts on the Feast of Ephiphany, January 6th, 2009. Her blog is: "...the name for creation care ministry in the Episcopal Diocese of Nebraska. The name suggests the newness of the ministry, as well as the ability of plants to sprout up wherever there are cracks or openings, no matter how tiny. Like the spring violets that sprout up in sidewalks in my town, or like the trees that grow out of cracks in the rocks in the Wildcat Hills in the western part of Nebraska, this work is meant to take root wherever there is an opening to it, no matter how small...."

Creation Care isn't bound by borders
Although Deacon Betsy's blog is focused on her corner of Nebraska, she also states that "...environmental issues aren't bound by state or diocesan borders..." and her posts are meant to start conversation about creation care. I have no doubt her blog will cross boundaries, as well as oceans. Please check her blog out when you have a chance -and, check back often!

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